What 1,200 Schools Already Know…

What 1,200 Schools Already Know…

zoom - educationZoom is becoming a mainstay in higher education around the country. Over 1,200 colleges and universities have switched to Zoom to help their students, teachers, and administrators collaborate and learn.

Why Zoom?

  • Our screen sharing, whiteboarding and annotation features make learning more interactive and make it easier to explain concepts.
  • It cuts costs! Starting at $0.99 a month per host for educational institutions, no professoinal-grade solution comes close.
  • Students can learn at their own pace by reviewing recorded sessions (in MP4 or M4A format) or catching up with teachers during virtual office hours.
  • Students can attend class from home. This is especially helpful for adult-education programs where a student might have to watch their children or stay at work late, and would otherwise miss class.

zoom - education 2What the Pros Say…

And you don’t have to take our word for it! Countless educators and administrators swear by Zoom. For example, this ESL teacher said, “The biggest reason to use Zoom is due to the brilliant connection it offers. I’ve used this for some of my one-to-one and group lessons, and the connection has been much better for me than the connection offered [by the competition].”

If nothing else will convince you that Zoom is an ideal tool for eLearning, perhaps this will do the trick. Animation schools like iAnimate.net need near-perfection in the video software they use in order to be able to educate their own students. iAnimate.net found this level of quality in Zoom. You can also look to the University of Northern Iowa, Stanford Continuing Studies, and over 1,200 other colleges and universities.

Join In

Zoom has created a Zoom Education Users group. If you have a passion for education and Zoom video communications, you should definitely join this group. The Zoom Education Users LinkedIn group is a place where teachers, school administrators and school staff can get together to share best practices and ideas for optimizing Zoom on their campus, and discuss the education industry. You can find the group by going to the Zoom Company Page on LinkedIn and scrolling down to the Featured Groups section on the right hand side for the Zoom Education Users group.

It’s time to Zoomify your school! Put Zoom into your life and sign up for a free account today!



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