Zoom Leads Web Conferencing Category on TrustRadius

Zoom Leads Web Conferencing Category on TrustRadius

TrustRadius has compared the top web conferencing software, and Zoom is a definite front-runner. This unbiased, third-party comparison is a true indicator of customer experience – average reviews on TrustRadius are over 400 words, every reviewer is authenticated, and over half of the Fortune 500 have published reviews on TrustRadius.

When it comes to the overall TrustRadius score, Zoom (at 8.8) is the leader, followed by its competitors with the scores of 8.4, 7.8, and lower. All the scores are based on a 10-point scale.

Zoom has outstanding scores in multiple features. Zoom received 9.3 points for desktop sharing, 8.7 for meeting initiation, 8.6 for calendar integration, and 8.5 for online events security. Are you looking for the superior video quality? Zoom, with the highest rating of 9.0, is the answer. The closest runner-up received a score of 8.1.

An internet connection isn’t perfect at all times, but don’t let this ruin your meeting. Zoom does an excellent job in low-bandwidth environments – it received the highest score (7.9), while the next highest competitor earned only 6.5.

Here are some of the TrustRadius reviews posted by professionals that use Zoom:

Peter Filias, Customer Success Manager at Auth0, says: “Zoom addresses the problem of reducing the friction associated with setting up audio/video call software. Zoom does an amazing job here – the footprint of the software is minimal. Zoom is extremely easy to set up – it only took about 3 seconds from downloading to installing. The download was tiny, less than 10MB in size! Zoom is, hands down, the best video call platform available. I often recommend Zoom to folks I’ve seen struggling with all of Zoom’s competitors. Zoom is very easy to use for MOST people.”

Matthew Gardner, Co-founder of RouteThis, says: “No buffering, automatic adjustment, and very rarely does anyone have to say ‘Can you hear me now?’ Zoom is used by our sales, marketing, customer success, and product teams. Obviously for sales calls, demos, and internal conferencing some solution is needed within any organization, and Zoom is the best product we’ve tried in its category.”

Eric Weiss, CSR at Hatchbuck, says: “We selected Zoom mostly because of cost and reliability. We liked the features that Zoom provided, we thought it was the easiest interface for ourselves as well as first-time users who have ever used a screen sharing service to be comfortable with. We also liked how we can schedule meetings easily and send a simple link for a meeting invite that helps to start the meeting much faster instead of troubleshooting a call to getting everything started.”

Check out more scores and reviews of Zoom and its competitors – and leave your own review! – at trustradius.com/web-conferencing. If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, you can sign up for a personalized, 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist today.

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