Zoom’s Platform Scales to Serve Simply Business’s Growing Team

Zoom’s Platform Scales to Serve Simply Business’s Growing Team

Check out our video case study on Simply Business, an online business insurance provider that specializes in protecting your business. They make small business insurance simple, clear, and affordable for half a million customers in the UK.

“We value face-to-face communication, but when we can’t [meet in person], we always use video conferencing,” said Phil Williams, managing director of the MGA for Simply Business.

The Simply Business team ran into issues when their previous video service couldn’t scale with their growth, particularly in getting more than 25 video endpoints in the same call for town hall meetings. “Initially, we tried Zoom specifically to solve this problem for our users, and the first time we had a Zoom call, we had hundreds of users join it,“ said David Vered, head of end-user technology for Simply Business.

Zoom is now the go-to platform for video communications at Simply Business. It is integrated fully with the company’s ecosystem and has allowed meeting rooms and calendars to sync up seamlessly. “It just works, and this was something that was really obvious when I was using Zoom from the start – it is a really solid piece of technology,” said Vered.

User experience has been significantly upgraded ever since switching to Zoom, and iPad controllers have received increasingly positive feedback. “We use Zoom office-to-office, continent-to-continent, and desk-to-desk,” said Williams.

Watch the quick (<2 mins) video case study here:

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