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‘The Office Comes to Us’: Zoom’s UCaaS Solution Connects UDG Healthcare’s Global Enterprise

‘The Office Comes to Us’: Zoom’s UCaaS Solution Connects UDG Healthcare’s Global Enterprise

Global organizations like UDG Healthcare have unique challenges when it comes to communication, especially telephony. For UDG Healthcare, managing different fixed-line phone systems for subsidiaries around the world was complicated and costly. 

UDG Healthcare had already adopted Zoom as its corporate video conferencing solution and had 50 Zoom Rooms across the globe, so implementing Zoom Phone was a natural next step in unifying its communications. Even during the pandemic, UDG Healthcare was able to roll out Zoom Phone to 2,000-plus employees in the U.S., U.K., and Europe, offering a more flexible softphone option for its remote workforce. 

Hear from Jeremy Heaven, group IT service delivery manager at UDG Healthcare, about how Zoom’s UCaaS solution provides a more seamless and connected communications experience for the enterprise — and be sure to check out the full case study for more detail.

What unified communications looks like

“I can take a call from my desk, place it on hold, pick it up on mobile, go to a Zoom Room, and elevate it to a meeting.”

Absolute confidence in Zoom

“As for security, we’ve been happy from day one. We’ve always believed in Zoom, never had a loss of faith, and have absolute confidence in the product. Plus, Zoom just came out with end-to-end encryption, which shows the continued innovation.”

Flexibility to support remote work

“We can’t go into the office, but here’s a way that the office comes to us. When employees get a call on their direct line it rings on their laptop, mobile, and iPad. We have the ability to communicate seamlessly at the drop of a hat.”

Greater control with Zoom Webinars

“For larger meetings, the webinar functionality gives us more control — and our Ashfield Meetings & Events subdivision has the ability to facilitate conferences for clients with 9,000 people on Zoom.”

Read our case study to learn more about how UDG Healthcare uses Zoom to connect its globally distributed workforce with partners and clients in healthcare.

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