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Zoomtopia 2017: A Retrospective

Zoomtopia 2017: A Retrospective

Well, the Champagne has flattened, the swag has been thoroughly disseminated, and Zoomers are on flights back around the world from whence they came. Zoomtopia 2017 is officially a wrap. Let’s take a look back at this special inaugural Zoom user conference.

For those who missed Zoomtopia and the live stream, have no fear! We are currently finalizing the recordings of all sessions posted in the next few days on youtube.com/zoommeetings and here on blog.zoom.us.

Sharing Knowledge

We were thrilled to share our new innovations and integrations during our Zoomtopia product keynote. To quote our head of product management, Oded Gal, “We’re working to make video conferencing even better than face to face.” Here is our announcement on the new features. We also provided detailed sessions on these topics:

  • CEO and CIO fireside chats and panels with executives from Sequoia, The Golden State Warriors, Mulesoft, Okta, Veeva Systems, General Atlantic, PureStorage, Cvent, and Logitech
  • Building a Video First Culture (With our partner Logitech)
  • Zoom + The Kitchen Sink (How to incorporate Zoom into your collaboration stack)
  • How to Make Chat at Work Awesome
  • Migrating to & Adopting Zoom
  • The Sciences of Distributed Collaboration
  • The Office and the Classroom of the Future (With our partner AVer)
  • Building Zoom Rooms (End-to-end Zoom Rooms tutorial)
  • Trust Us: Don’t build Your Own Video Platform (Zoom Developer Platform)
  • Running Huge, Freaking Online Events (Large meetings and webinars)

Sharing Stories

Zoom customers also shared their stories. Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier, and Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach, debated the merits of working remotely, sharing stories from their own companies in their arguments. Congrats to our inaugural debate winner Wade! In the final presentation of the day, three other customers – Mitchell Katz of Children’s Hospital of Orange County, DP Harris of Loma Linda University, and Michelle Moghtader of Shared Studios – shared the stories of how they are saving and changing lives using Zoom.

Sharing Happiness

The theme of the day was happiness. That’s what we’re all about: making our customers happy. So we sprinkled Zoomtopia with fun surprises – swag, hot donuts, carwashes, giveaways, band meet and greet – and capped it off with a party and Weezer concert.









After catching our breath, we’re going to start planning Zoomtopia 2018, a fabulous wonderland we promise will blow your minds. In the meantime, if you want to learn how Zoom can make your team happy every day with our unparalleled video communications platform, schedule a customized demo at your convenience.


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