Zoomtopia 2018: Emerging Technology with Alexa

Zoomtopia 2018: Emerging Technology with Alexa

At this Zoomtopia session, Milo Oostergo, principal product manager at Alexa for Business, discussed the future of work using voice and artificial intelligence. He starts us off with a little history. For the past couple of decades, our society went through several phases of innovation in computing – from terminals to graphical user interface, then from web to mobile. However, technology hasn’t been able to meaningfully communicate with us until recently. In the last five years, innovations in machine learning, deep neural networks, and artificial intelligence have brought us closer to having a conversation with technology.

“At Amazon, we believe that voice is the next major disruptor in computing,” said Oostergo.

In 2014, Amazon launched their first Echo device, a voice-controlled speaker that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, set timers, and more. Ever since, Alexa has been a valuable addition to households, offices, and help desks.

Intuitive, hands-free voice commands in Zoom Rooms is another use case of Echo devices. Checking the availability of a conference room, booking one on the fly, starting the meeting, and hanging up is a simple voice command away.

Oostergo shared a quote from Conde Nast, the media company: “We have this goal of going fully wireless, with the least amount of touch possible. You should be able to walk in and focus on your meeting, and not worry about how to start it or whether the TVs are set up correctly.”

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