Zoomtopia 2018: Zoom Digital Signage & Scheduling Displays

Zoomtopia 2018: Zoom Digital Signage & Scheduling Displays

Check out the recording of the Zoomtopia 2018 session: Zoom Digital Signage and Scheduling Displays, which covers use cases and best practices for deployment and management of workplace digital signage and scheduling displays across your organization. In this session, Dennis Vallone, IT manager of enterprise video and collaboration services at BAYADA Home Health Care, shares his team’s Zoom journey with these powerful services in the Zoom platform.

In 2017, BAYADA Home Health Care opened a new Global Support Center, where they merged 13 offices into 1 corporate campus. The design process focused around egalitarian principles while maintaining practicality to create an innovative space for all 400 relocated employees. In this new campus, Vallone’s team knew they had the opportunity to build the digital workplace of the future.

BAYADA was an early adopter of Zoom and had already been using it for enterprise meetings, messaging, and conference rooms. Vallone and his team were looking to do more with Zoom. They were evaluating other technologies to support digital signage and room scheduling at the new campus, yet these technologies added cost and administration.

In a discussion with Zoom about the new campus, Vallone suggested adding digital signage and room scheduling to the Zoom platform. These features were on the Zoom roadmap, but after hearing from our customer directly, we knew we had to act now. Thanks to the collaboration and feedback from BAYADA, digital signage and scheduling display are now available to all our customers as part of our Zoom Rooms product.

“Prior to Zoom’s digital signage, we were using a number of different technologies to manage our signage, yet we couldn’t scale with it due to the costs of the hardware and the licensing. We chose Zoom because of its centralized cloud-based management, easy access for content publishers, minimal need for administration, and cost-effectiveness,” said Vallone.

The 45-minute-long session recording covers various ideas for digital signage use cases and advice for Zoom admins on how to manage and deploy digital signage even more efficiently. For example, Vallone describes how BAYADA’s team is using digital signage in their open office for featuring performance metrics, company news, birthdays, webcasts, and more.

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