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Zoomtopia 2019 Innovation Award Winner: Virtual Photo Walks Bring the World to the Sick, Disabled

Zoomtopia 2019 Innovation Award Winner: Virtual Photo Walks Bring the World to the Sick, Disabled

Virtual Photo Walks was chosen as one of three winners of the 2019 Zoomtopia Innovation Award, which recognizes Zoom customers that embody innovation, inspiration, and creativity in using Zoom solutions.

Getting outside to experience the natural world has always been a way for people to soothe their souls, a way for them to forget about the troubles of life and get lost in the beauty of nature. But for many, the beauty and peace of nature are often out of reach due to illness or disability, preventing them from experiencing the incredible sights our planet has to offer. Fortunately, members of the Virtual Photo Walks organization have created a way for those who are sick or disabled to see the natural world firsthand and experience it in an engaging way. 

Award-Worthy Impact

Virtual Photo Walks is a nonprofit organization that uses mobile devices to help people who are sick or physically unable to see the world. Volunteers in the field use mobile devices running Zoom to livestream their adventures directly to these viewers, chatting with them in real time, answering their questions, and giving them a firsthand experience of these events. Virtual Photo Walks is able to host a number of different experiences for its viewers using Zoom. Whether it’s livestreaming a visit to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. for veterans or diving deep into a kelp forest off the coast of California, Virtual Photo Walks is able to provide life-changing experiences for those who aren’t physically able to do so themselves. 

Innovation In Action

“Ayane Tsujii, who is bed-bound and can only blink to communicate, has been discovering the world with Virtual Photo Walks and has made friends with others as well.” 

About the awards

The Zoomtopia Innovation Awards are a video submission contest aimed at highlighting your stories. We created this initiative as a way to show our gratitude for the amazing ways our customers are using Zoom. All Zoom users were invited to participate and share a 1-to-2-minute video submission explaining how they use Zoom solutions. A panel of Zoom judges reviewed each video submission and selected winners that embody innovation, inspiration, and creativity. Winners each received two complimentary tickets to Zoomtopia Oct. 15-16 in San Jose and were recognized on stage at the event.

Other Zoomtopia Innovation Award category winners were CNCT Alumni Association for Social Impact, California State Parks (PORTS) for Environmental Impact, and Western Sydney University for its use of Zoom Rooms.

And thanks again to all our great Zoomers out there for participating!

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