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Zoomtopia Session Recordings Now Live

Zoomtopia Session Recordings Now Live

Exciting news! The Zoomtopia session recordings are now up on YouTube for all to watch, learn from, and enjoy. Whether you couldn’t make it to Zoomtopia, or you were there but want to catch a session you missed or relive a session with a lot of valuable information, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a link to the entire session playlist: Zoomtopia 2017

And here are links to each of the individual sessions:

Leadership Perspectives

Zoomtopia 2017 Kick Off Keynote (Zoom Founder & CEO, Eric S. Yuan)

The Trends Driving a Happier Workplace (Zoom President, Dave Berman)

Fireside Chat: Eric Yuan and Michael Mortiz (Sequoia)

Working Remotely: The Great Debate

CEO Panel: Happy Engineers Don’t Write Buggy Code

Building Workplace Happiness: The CIO Perspective (Panel)

Fireside Chat with Bob Myers, Golden State Warriors

Customers Who Inspire Us

Product Updates and Best Practices

Product Keynote: Our Vision for a Happier Workplace

How to Make Chat at Work Awesome

The Science of Distributed Collaboration (UCSB professor)

Migrating & Adopting Zoom

Zoom +  The Kitchen Sink (Integrations)

Trust Us: Don’t Build Your Own Video Platform (Zoom for Developers)

Running Huge Freaking Online Events

Building Zoom Rooms

Partner Sessions

The Office and the Classroom of the Future (AVer)

Building a Video-First Culture (Logitech)

On this blog, we will be diving deep into many of these sessions over the coming weeks, with summaries and further information. Stay tuned! In the meantime, sign up for a personalized 1-1 demo with a Zoom product specialist to see how we can support your team with powerful and easy video communications.


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